Art of Business

Alan Pullinger, ex-CEO (September 2008 – September 2015)

Louis Olivier
Commissioned corporate gifts: Differently. Think.
bookends, bronze and stainless steel, 2010

At RMB we expect creativity and innovation in all that we do. The 1 500 art works in our Corporate Portfolio contribute to the greater vision of thinking that can change the world. The Portfolio is an intentionally eclectic mix of art, ranging from internationally acclaimed works by artists such as William Kentridge, to plentiful local, youthful expressions by emerging artists aspiring to global graduation.

Personally, since joining RMB 13 years ago, I have been exposed to original art, not exclusively reserved for executive floors, but casually accessible from the pavement to the boardrooms – and all the offices and work spaces in between.

Our Portfolio welcomes creative energy into the workplace for all to experience. As such many staff members have, over time, had a hand in choosing their office pieces from the Collection and some have become particularly attached to these selected works, occasionally speaking of the positive energy that ‘their’ art has inspired.

Our success is built on our ability to attract and retain top talent through an empowering and liberating culture, together with sound banking principles and innovative thinking. We nurture and celebrate inspired thinkers - people whose thinking can change the world.

Our sustained interest in art is a celebration of the depth of creative energy that abounds in South Africa, which could be channeled into building a better future.

Alan Pullinger, ex-CEO (September 2008 – September 2015).