Our professional dealing teams structure innovative solutions to help clients manage and mitigate trade risks such as unpredictable exposures, unexpected costs, trade barriers, exchange rate volatility and regulatory requirements. 

The team looks at each transaction individually to provide clients with a tailored solution to maximise their working capital positions.

Our solutions include:

  • Structured trade (escrow, distribution, structured finance, structured liabilities)
  • Traditional trade (documentary credits, guarantees, foreign bills)
  • Discounting and refinancing of documentary credits

We also offer a digital platform which allows for the seamless management of trade instruments.

Trade and Working Capital

With the ability to identify, anticipate and respond to client needs and market and regulatory demands, our Trade and Working Capital Solutionists are industry experts who understand the complexities of trading across multiple jurisdictions, currencies and markets.

Together with you, they’ll design, develop and customise structures that not only suit your specific industry but your unique business needs too.

Unlock the business potential that comes with optimised working capital, carefully managed risk, improved cash flow and securely processed local and international trade activities, all with better oversight of your assets and liabilities.

RMB is a leading African Corporate and Investment Bank.