This Programme aims to increase access to environmental education and restoring ecosystems through partnerships, which will result in the growth and development of the Green Economy.

Goal (2017–2019):

Support organisations to deliver programmes that facilitate the development of a mind-set for the Green Economy.


  • Facilitate the rehabilitation and restoration of ecosystems through shared partnerships
  • Improve environmental practices within South African communities
  • Transform the environment sector to be inclusive of people with disabilities
  • Strengthen the use of technology to increase innovation in the environment sector

The RMB Fund aligns with government’s Green Economy approach. Our goals are to facilitate the rehabilitation and restoration of ecosystems through shared partnerships, education and training, and to improve environmental practices in South African communities.

Applying for RMB CSI support

Your organisation must meet the standard criteria for all applicants to the FirstRand Foundation.

Organisations that are registered PBOs and can demonstrably contribute to one or more of the Environment Programme objectives listed above are invited to contact Tshikululu Social Investments or email, to share organisation and project details.

Would you like to make a difference in the Green Economy