RMB and RowSA – a winning collaboration

Whether you are in a boat or in a bank – sustainable success can only be achieved when the best talent harnesses their individual strengths and work as a team to achieve their goal.

While individual skill is required both in banking and rowing, the real test lies in how well the individuals work together to move the business (and boat) in the right direction. When great minds collaborate – that is when the real magic happens. Enters RMB and RowSA.

RMB is the proud Official Sponsor of the National Rowing Squad, leading up to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. With naming rights to the team, the team will be known as the RMB National Squad

The partnership between RMB and RowSA started in 2015 when RMB recognised the many touchpoints between banking and rowing. A fully-fledged TV advertising campaign followed – featuring the rowing champions from the South African and Paralympic rowing squads. The campaign has been recognised for its authenticity as a cultural tribute to the three RMB founders (who featured in the ads) and to the team that won gold in the London 2012 Olympics.

Being able to align our powerful brand with one of South Africa’s strongest National teams is a huge opportunity for RMB. Through our sponsorship we hope to develop and transform the sport to bring back medals for South Africa on the international stage. Please join us on this exciting National journey with RowSA for success in Tokyo and beyond.

“You need to read the race and the environment and make changes in the boat (business) to adapt to conditions that are constantly changing to ensure that you stay on course. This analogy resonates with what sets RMB apart.” – James Formby, CEO of RMB.

It’s a culture that celebrates diversity, respects different thinking and values innovation. Thinking. Pulling. Together.

In rowing, business, life and shooting commercials nobody is as smart as everybody. Have a peak at some of the behind the scenes action that culminated in eight commercials built around the central theme of collaborative thinking.

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