Arts, culture and creativity can bind together, not only hearts and souls, but entire societies and nations.

The Creative Arts Programme: Education for a Creative Economy

Recognising the value of education for a creative economy, the Programme has the following strategic goals and objectives:

Goal (2017–2019):

Support organisations in music, dance, film, theatre and visual arts to deliver programmes that facilitate the development of a creative mindset in support of the Creative Economy.


  • Support organisations that demonstrate an understanding of how  a creative mindset can be developed through cognitive thinking (problem-solving, critical thinking, abstract reasoning and personal expression)
  • Support organisations that have established rural community in-school and after-school arts programmes (in existence for 3+ years), that demonstrate a positive impact on participants’ circumstances and future possibilities
  • Support relevant best practice creative arts organisations with accredited tertiary-level training programmes in the performing arts disciplines of music, dance, drama and visual art towards building the Creative Economy

Talent Unlocked – a Creative Arts Platform


Become a go-to, integrated arts platform, recognised as a space that is instrumentally and deliberately driving growth in the Creative Economy through supporting initiatives for both audience development and artist exposure.


  • Play a key role in the creation of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for artists practising in the creative arts
  • Support programmes that enable young people to produce work in the performing arts disciplines of music, dance, drama and visual art for exposure and audience development

The Creative Economy has the potential to be a leading sector in generating economic growth, employment and trade. By investing in our young artists, we hope to enable them to reach international levels of excellence in their chosen fields and enjoy participation in a vibrant economy.

Applying for RMB CSI support

Your organisation must meet the standard criteria for all applicants to the FirstRand Foundation.

Organisations that are registered PBOs and can demonstrably contribute to one or more of the Creative Arts programme objectives listed above are invited to contact Tshikululu Social Investments or email, to share organisation and project details.

Would you like to make a difference in the Creative Economy?