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Interview guide

The Class Of programme attracts interest from all industries, locally and across the globe. Suitable candidates are put through a set of three to four rounds of interviews to explore the candidate behind the CV and application. Candidates' ability to think on their toes, be commercial, alignment with RMB’s culture and values, and ability to demonstrate an unparalleled excellence of character are tested.

A range of questions aim to test candidates' technical and theoretical skills. So although one cannot prepare entirely for all questions that may be asked, a few previous interview questions and some comments are included and discussed below. We challenge you to show your ability to think on the spot, deliver watertight arguments and let your character shine through during the interview.

If electricity costs were to increase 25% tomorrow, you had a prepaid meter and could stock up, how much would you buy?

The answer depends on your personal opportunity cost. Key points to consider are:

If you had to invest yourself on the stock exchange, what would your P/E ratio be?

The solution can be broken down into a number of interesting ways. The candidate can consider their own net present value, their current and future rates of earnings and growth, and what would attract investors to buy into their stock. They might put forward a market cap and suggest and motivate where their earnings will come from in the future. This may include salary, business interests, investments, properties, other assets or even an inheritance. The candidate may also correlate their P/E ratio to other people/companies or industries with shared operating facets. They could also talk about hedging through insurance policies.

Other potential questions that may be asked: