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The Founders

As Solutionist Thinking with RMB comes to a close, Bruce Whitfield sits in conversation with the founders of RMB - GT Ferreira, Laurie Dippenaar and Paul Harris.

Solutionist Thinkers

What do people with purpose and a curiosity for unique possibilities have in common? They are all unconventional thinkers making a positive difference in the world. Their secret? Their ability to be Solutionist Thinkers. At RMB we are passionate about unlocking opportunities through our Solutionist Thinking approach that challenges the conventions of ordinary thinking.

The Founders

As Solutionist Thinking with RMB comes to a close, Bruce Whitfield sits in conversation with the founders of RMB - GT Ferreira, Laurie Dippenaar and Paul Harris.

Andrew Levy

Andrew Levy's motivation for leaving banking to start Umuzicame after the realisation that he was "the epitome of privilege" in a country where people who couldn't afford to keep up with the corporate requirements for placement were often left behind.

Rob Stokes

No plan, no vision – just a burning desire for an adventure. That’s what got Rob Stokes out from behind the waiters’ apron at the restaurant he was working at to start his own internet business, Quirk.

Dr Sherylle Calder

There's nothing paranormal about Dr Sherylle Calder, unless you consider the fact that she has the ability to see things coming before it happens... Listen to her in conversation with Bruce Whitfield in episode 11 of Solutionist Thinking with RMB.

Tshepo Moloi

In this week's episode of Solutionist Thinking, Bruce Whitfield is in conversation with Tshepo Moloi - the man who is leading a stokvel revolution.

Stacey Brewer

Stacey Brewer is SPARK’s Co-Founder and CEO and is a true innovator who has actively disrupted the norm. Dedicated to making a difference and solving South Africa’s education challenges, Stacey launched the SPARK school network in 2012 and has been intricately involved in its evolution and growth ever since.

Jerome Loveland

In the eighth episode, Whitfield speaks with Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital's Head of Paediatric Surgery, Professor Jerome Loveland. Committed to saving the lives of sick children – Professor Loveland launched Surgeons for Little Lives, a centre of excellence within a widely dysfunctional system. Whilst it is known that South Africa's healthcare system is in a crisis of confidence, at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Professor Loveland has managed to create an environment that is conducive to improving the care that its patients receive.

Tracey Chambers

This week’s solutionist thinker is Tracey Chambers. She co-founded the Clothing Bank with Tracey Gilmore. The Clothing Bank empowers unemployed mothers with skills training and financial independence. Tracey thinks big, lives big and leaves a big impact on all those that meet her.

Yusuf Randera-Rees

"Introduce your ambition to opportunity" – that’s the slogan of The Awethu Project, an entrepreneurial development incubator that invests in untapped talent in developing countries to enable them to realise their full potential outside of the informal sector. Yusuf Randera-Rees, CEO and co-founder discusses the project, social impact and, the need for transformation in the business world.

Michael Jordaan

Bruce Whitfield speaks with former First National Bank CEO turned start-up investor, Michael Jordaan.

Tashmia Ismael

One million work experiences for unemployed South African youth – that’s the monumental task that President Cyril Ramaphosa has tasked Tashmia Ismail-Saville, Chief Executive of Youth Employment Service with tackling.

John Vlismas

Bruce Whitfield spoke to stand-up comedian John Vlismas. Whitfield says it was a particularly enlightening interview with 'one of the smartest people ever.

Arlene Mulder

In episode two of Solutionist Thinking with RMB, Bruce Whitfield interviews former investment banker and WeThinkCode_ co-founder Arlene Mulder.

Reuel Khoza

He’s one of the founding members of the Black Management Forum that empowered and developed black managers in South Africa during apartheid. Khoza was also at the centre of the discussions that saw the Black Economic Empowerment Act and Employment Equity Act come to life.

Solutionist Thinking unlocks opportunities

At RMB we are passionate about solving problems for our clients by asking the hard questions. We challenge accepted thinking. We analyse and seek solutions beyond the obvious. We are innovative in our thinking and turn challenges into opportunities. We call ourselves Solutionist Thinkers.