Our Growth Capital team provides advisory, structuring, investing and funding for proven high-growth tech-enabled companies in the early stages of growth, as opposed to private equity companies that would typically invest predominantly in established, late-stage high-earning businesses.

Differentiator Growth Capital Solutions Private Equity

RMB Ventures & RMB Corvest

Services companies with these characteristics:

  • Early stage (post revenue)
  • Entrepreneurial
  • High growth >20% p.a.
  • Tech enabled
  • Established businesses
  • PBT more than R40-m

Offering to these companies:

  • Growth capital for scaling the business
  • Multiple rounds of financing through the growth phases
  • Management and leveraged buy-outs
  • Management buy-ins
  • BEE Funding
  • Acquisition capital
  • Capital for new plant and equipment, production plants, products and markets.

Our clients and partners

  • Founders
  • Management teams
  • Founders
  • Financial investors
  • BEE investors

Nature of investment

  • Sponsor-led investing
  • Balance sheet investing

Size of stake in business

  • Minority positions
  • Significant minority interest
  • Active involvement at a board level as well as significant value add in different areas of the business.

Growth Capital Solutions offers services to entrepreneurial businesses with these characteristics:

  • Early stage of growth
  • Revenues that are growing rapidly (more than 20% growth yoy)
  • A technology-enabled business i.e. technology platforms enable the business offering
  • Positive cash flows, are profitable or are approaching profitability
  • The business is scalable – a proven business model with recurring and predictable revenue streams
  • Strong founders with a track record of delivering on their business plans
  • A sustainable competitive advantage – the founders have built a leading position or are disrupting a particular sector or service
  • Investment returns that are primarily a function of growth, not leverage

Our investment approach

We have a sponsor-led approach to investing, offering solutions and networking opportunities with our strategic partners who want to match their existing businesses, networks or skillsets with growth companies. These partnerships can provide opportunities to leapfrog these high-growth companies to a point where they could become substantial enterprises and market leaders within their sectors.

We would describe the stages we invest as early Series A through to Series B funding. This means that the companies we invest in are not start-ups, but are entrepreneurial businesses in the early stages of growth, typically tech-enabled and scaling very fast. They are not yet large, established businesses that would qualify for private equity capital. We aim for minority stakes in the business and empower the founders to build and scale their own businesses.

Technology-enabled companies

We believe that technology is driving rapid evolution in the way business works, and we want to back and finance the evolution of technology-enabled businesses across various sectors.

A client-centric focus

Our client-centric approach ensures that we engage with and understand our clients and their vision, and then partner with them to accelerate the achievement of their goals for growth. We have a preference to be a long-term partner to entrepreneurs throughout the business evolution, as we are equipped to provide multiple rounds of financing through all growth stages.

We also have a strong emphasis on values and philosophy alignment. We invest to create shared value with our clients, and for society as a whole.


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Thank you for your enquiry. Please note that as a Corporate and Investment bank we are not able to provide start-up finance. We recommend that you look at these 2 resources to find start-up capital providers: