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Good Business, Better World
Our Talented People
Innovative Firsts
Challenge Accepted
Enabling Partnerships
Championing Africa

Welcome to our way of thinking

It's a solutionist way of thinking

We unlock opportunities for our clients

It's The Way

We solve challenges together

It's how

It’s how we harness the power of the collective to push far beyond the conventional.

Good Business, Better World

We believe that

Together we can make a difference for our clients and society

Applying Solutionist Thinking to economic, social and environmental challenges to promote good citizenship beyond CSI.

Our Talented People

Great Minds

don’t always have to think alike

Different perspectives enable diverse thinking, transforming challenges into powerful opportunities.

Innovative Firsts

The first

South African Corporate and Investment Bank to give investors access to inflation-linked bonds through the JSE.

South African Corporate and Investment Bank to structure exchangeable, green and convertible bonds, and US$ SUKUK transactions.

Challenge Accepted

We unlock potential

by challenging accepted thinking

It’s a mindset that is never set in its ways.

Enabling Partnerships

We believe in

The exponential value of teamwork and collaboration

Together, we structure innovative, landmark solutions by understanding our clients.

Championing Africa

Our roots

Firmly entrenched in African soil with corporate and investment banking solutions across the continent.

We have an active presence internationally unlocking African investment opportunities.

Solutionist Thinking Podcast Series

A network of minds that like a think

Solutionist Thinking values different perspectives, harnessing the power of the collective. With this in mind, we bring you the RMB Solutionist Thinking Podcast Series.

Listen to South Africa's foremost Solutionists. Browse Podcasts