Thinking. Pulling. Together.

That’s how winning works. The only way winning works.

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Thinking. Pulling. Together.

Watch the 95-second cinematic version of the RMB rowing advertisement. The story includes the preparation, the competition and sustaining success after victory. RMB is proud to partner RowSA to bring the story of championship-grade collaborative thinking to life. Directed by Ian Gabriel.

The three 60-second commercials tell the story in distinct parts: before competition (with all the preparation and talent-nurturing that goes into it); facing competition (as on the water, so in the marketplace); and what happens after victory has been achieved. The stories salute the hard work and dedication of South Africa’s best rowing talent.


“It takes ten years to win gold at the Olympics,” according to the head coach of RowSA, Roger Barrow. Indeed — there is no substitute for meticulous planning. Rowing is a thinking person’s sport — it is as much brain as it is brawn.

This ad is a tribute to all the hard work of professionals everywhere and also salutes RMB’s owner-manager culture of cross-discipline collaboration.


At the end of the day — ideas, teams and services are tested in the open marketplace. Not everyday is easy — for the professional champion rower, the entrepreneur building a business or the business people working to create value for their clients.

RMB’s Traditional values drive us to perform for all those we serve — and our Innovative ideas are the result of several different skill sets and personalities united in common purpose. To add value.


It is said that you are only as good as your last victory. To win can be a dangerous thing. Only if you consistently strive to improve does excellence become a habit. The third part of the story concludes with a principle and a promise — like the rowing team, RMB will continue to offer multi-disciplinary solutions to complex problems, day after day.

RMB. Solutionist Thinking.

At RMB we are passionate about solving problems for our clients by asking the hard questions. We challenge accepted thinking. We analyse and seek solutions beyond the obvious. We are innovative in our thinking and turn challenges into opportunities.

We call ourselves Solutionist Thinkers who deliver on Traditional values. Innovative ideas.

As the corporate and investment banking arm of FirstRand Bank Limited we have access to a network of retail banks in 25 African countries, including representative offices and branches in the UK, India, China, and the Middle East.

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