The story of RMB and RowSA

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RMB and RowSA
– a powerful partnership
RMB’s partnership with RowSA not only enables our abled and differently abled national athletes to compete and prepare internationally, but also benefits various grassroots initiatives to empower underprivileged communities and schools that feed the rowing talent pipeline.

RMB has committed to growing the sport at all levels – from development rowing at school, university and grassroots level, to assisting with equipment, facilities and coaching.

As part of the RMB sponsorship agreement, RMB is also the named sponsor of four regattas across the country: the RMB Universities’ Boat Race; the RMB Buffalo Regatta; the RMB Schools Champs Regatta and the RMB National Senior Champs Regatta.

As the official Development Officer of SA Rowing, Virginia Mabaso is playing an indispensable part in putting rowing in South Africa on the map and growing the next generation rowers for future success.

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Thinking. Pulling. Together.

Since 1934, RowSA has promoted and developed the sport of rowing in South Africa. Today, RowSA is committed to transforming the sport across race, gender, ability and geography — as well as developing the nation’s young talent into championship rowers. As a member of FISA (the International Federation of Rowing Associations), the Commonwealth Rowing Association and the African Rowing Federation, RowSA controls, manages and co-ordinates international competitions, including the Olympics and Paralympics. As the sole governing body of the sport of rowing in South Africa, RowSA aims to collaborate with others to nurture young talent, develop the sport and win gold.

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