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Please include the following elements with your application:

  1. Your motivation
  2. Your CV
  3. All academic transcripts

If you omit any of these elements, your application will be declined.

We will let you know within a working week whether or not your application has been successful.
In the case of the latter, we will let you know what to expect from the recruitment process.

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The programme

The Class Of programme is unique in that it targets candidates with at least three to five years' working experience who do not have a background in banking. In fact, the more unusual their qualifications and work experience, the better. Candidates must also be self-starters, smart, driven and have excelled in all aspects of their lives. Common characteristics are a top academic record, a passion for finance and investment banking and a strong numbers acumen. We value previous sporting achievements, as well as an entrepreneurial flair.

Class Of appointees are chosen for their ability to think beyond the barriers of conformity. They're chosen for their ability to adapt and change to take advantage of opportunities. They enter into a programme which is unstructured and unsupervised, with recruits placed in a 'sink-or-swim' environment. Class Of rotate through RMB's divisions for two to three years, switching as they choose and are responsible for their own career development. Recruitment happens year-round, and there is no formal start and end date.

If you are the summa cum laude student, who has travelled to interesting places, who sold lemonade to fund your studies, while winning the boat race in the pub, then you are that one in 100 000 individual who we want on the Class Of programme.

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