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Transactional banking

Transactional banking is the foundation of the RMB Corporate Banking offering. Our Solutionist approach drives us to design innovative products that meet our clients’ needs in a constantly evolving regulatory environment. We focus our design efforts away from overnight batch processes with limited information sets to a world of real-time, information-rich processing.

Liquidity optimisation

Our transactional banking offering includes an advanced set of solutions to optimise the working capital cycle of collections and payments. RMB's liquidity products enable businesses to optimise interest revenues and reduce interest costs, while our liquidity management solutions ensure visibility of cash flows to enable efficient working capital management processes and effective cash forecasting. We also offer various Money Market deposit products with unlimited tenors and varying degrees of complexity.

Real-time value when processing payments

Through next-generation platforms we bridge the gap between business objectives and increasingly complex technology options for transaction initiation and processing. Our leading Online Banking PlatformTM and our flexible B2B solution allow for integration with all major lines of business systems for automated process management — to ensure efficient, effective and controlled transaction initiation and processing with security procedures such as account verification.

Real-time value when processing receipts

RMB’s Accounts Receivables value proposition incorporates multiple channels and all solutions align with our strategic intent to deliver real-time value. Our clients therefore benefit from visibility, cash flow and accumulating interest as soon as deposits are made. By validating references and linking them to receipts, our clients can easily identify incoming customer deposits, while enhancing reconciliation through the integration and automation of receipts into their line of business system.

Cost savings when processing receipts

In partnership with First National Bank, we have reduced the cost of receipting channels, replacing traditional costly options such as over-the-counter branch deposits with new affordable, alternative channels — to realise significant savings for our clients.

Information on the new industry standard DebiCheck

The introduction of DebiCheck by the payments and collections industry is a significant initiative. It is intended to address much more than just debit order abuse, and is expected to enhance the safety and efficiency of the South African payments and collections system substantially. Two outcomes of this project are the reduction in the number of unauthorised debit orders processed by companies, and the reduction of consumer disputes stemming from the ‘no authority to debit’ scenario.

The banking industry has never had a mechanism to electronically present and store mandates and vet the validity of each collection instruction over debtor accounts. With this new initiative, RMB and FNB are now able to deliver a collection system solution which will ensure that:

  • All DebiCheck debits processed in the early window have already been authenticated by the consumer, using the electronic banking channel(s) available to the debtor
  • An electronic mandate is stored as part of the authentication process

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Correspondent banking

Rand Account Services (RAS) maintains the rand-designated currency accounts of foreign financial institutions. We provide Nostro accounts, CLS Nostro accounts and Cash account services, including electronic transfers, cheques, drafts, collection services and cash management solutions to banks and brokers worldwide.

We're driven to be the provider of choice in South Africa for foreign financial institutions' trading, custody and commercial payments accounts, and to offer product functionality and quality service that rivals best practice worldwide. With a significantly experienced team, ongoing investment in technology and a focus on innovation, RAS provides high quality, value-added banking services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

RAS focusses on:

  • Timeous transaction processing
  • Quick, reliable query resolution
  • Superior, integrated technology
  • Automated, efficient processes
  • Rigorous security and thoroughly tested DR/BCP measures

The RAS Online view offers access to Rand accounts on a real-time basis. It provides a full range of search tools plus enhanced management information for optimal transaction and account management.

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