b RMB Investments | Fact sheets
RMB is a diversified financial services brand encompassing investment banking, fund management, private wealth management and advisory services. All businesses in the
RMB brand stable form part of the wider FirstRand Group.

Fact sheets

RMB boutique products

RMB Single Asset Series
  RMB Protected Equity
  RMB Secure Growth 95
RMB Multiple Asset Series
  RMB Structured Plus 90
  RMB Protected Flexible 80
  RMB Structured Plus 100
RMB Dynamic Yield Series
  RMB Cash Enhancer
  RMB Cash Index Notice Plus
Liquidity Add-on feature
  RMB Liquidity Enhancer

RMB customised solutions

RMB Select Series
  RMB Select
  RMB Bespoke

RMB Fusion funds (passive unit trusts)

  RMB Cautious Fusion Fund
  RMB Moderate Fusion Fund
  RMB Growth Fusion Fund

View the Fusion Funds historical factsheets