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RMB is the partner and gateway for investors in Africa.

We believe in the African growth story and our Group's strategic vision is to be the African financial services group of choice.

We have an extensive pool of investment banking talent and fixed income, currency and commodities experts who understand the African business landscape. We have over the past two decades concluded many high-profile deals across multiple sectors in over 30 countries in Africa — making us one of the leading corporate and investment banking partners on the continent.

We have funded various infrastructure development projects in Africa, ranging from ports, dams and energy installations to mines, railways and factories. Apart from mining and natural resources, Africa offers many investment opportunities in: real estate, consumer services, health, transport, financial services, services and logistics, energy, agriculture, tourism, construction, education and information communications technology (ICT).

Regardless of whether your business is well established, or if you are venturing into Africa for the first time, access to finance is a key consideration. RMB’s knowledge of local financing requirements, legal and jurisdictional frameworks, backed up by the expertise and balance sheet of FirstRand Bank, enable us to service the rapidly expanding African economy.

United Kingdom

RMB is the leading South African bank in Eurobond issuance for South African issuers.

Rand Merchant Bank operates in the UK as a division of FirstRand Bank Limited (London Branch).

We give international investors access to sub-Saharan debt products in both hard and local currency. We leverage our local investment banking network to provide unique and bespoke investment products to the international investment community. In addition, RMB London provides investors with innovative solutions to access private equity and debt opportunities in Africa via fund structures and risk-sharing initiatives.

RMB London provides companies with physical operations in sub-Saharan Africa, access to a truly international purpose-built investor base with specific appetite for sub-Saharan debt products, as well as balance sheet lending. This has allowed RMB to become the leading South African bank in Eurobond issuance for South African issuers.

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FirstRand Bank is the first bank from Africa to be granted a full-scale commercial banking licence in India.

The India Branch, based in Mumbai, primarily focuses on Investment Banking, fixed income, currency and commodity products, trade finance as well as Debt Capital Markets and other structured products.

Since 1990 bilateral trade between India and Africa has flourished — particularly in the sub-Saharan African region where countries like Nigeria, Angola, the DRC, Tanzania, Mauritius and Kenya continue to enjoy very strong export and import trade volumes with India.

In one of the largest single investments by an Indian company in Africa, RMB acted as merchant bank, guarantee provider and FX counterparty for Cipla India's acquisition of 100% of Cipla Medpro South Africa.

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China and the rest of Asia

Africa remains a very important and strategic investment destination for the approximately 2 000 Chinese companies currently operating on the continent. *China-Africa trade has surged from US$10-billion in 2000 to more than US$200-billion in 2013 — making China Africa's largest trading partner to date.

RMB's representative office in Shanghai, which was opened in 2007, has played a leading role in facilitating trade flows between China and the African continent and supporting the ongoing investment and infrastructural development that China is able to provide.

In July 2009, FirstRand Bank formed a strategic partnership with China Construction Bank (CCB) to facilitate banking opportunities in the China-Africa corridor. This agreement focuses on providing joint advisory and structuring services to CCB's Chinese clients looking to expand in Africa, African corporate clients and projects that may be of interest to CCB's Chinese customers and FirstRand's South African clients looking to do business in China.

*Source: "EY Attractiveness Survey, Africa 2014"

Africa has increasingly become a strategic partner for Asia with rapidly growing trade. The rising demand for commodities and automobiles are some of the key drivers of the trade between East- and South East Asia and Africa. From 2010 to 2020, trade flow from Asia to Africa is estimated to grow at 10% a year.

RMB's focus to become a key banking partner in facilitating investments into Africa has led to a partnership with one of the largest financial groups in Japan, the Mitsubishi UFG Financial Group. The partnership aims to assist Japanese companies with their increasing investments in Africa.

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