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International sponsorships

Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), a division of FirstRand, is a leading African corporate and investment bank and part of one of the largest financial services groups in Africa.

  • RMB Graduate Programme
    You have studied (and perhaps played) hard, you’ve put in the slog and done the time. Now the question of your career and "where to from here" has entered the equation.
    Create your own equation and stand a chance to win a lunch with some of RMB's top thought leaders.
  • Winter School gives top third year, Honours and Masters students in Commerce, Engineering and Information Technology the chance to experience the world of possibilities available at RMB.

    Applications open 1st February 2017

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  • Find out more

Our Africa footprint

Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), a division of FirstRand, is a leading African corporate and investment bank and part of one of the largest financial services groups in Africa

The RMB Winter School offers third-year, Honours and Masters Students in financial and information technology disciplines the opportunity to spend a week at RMB to explore career possibilities available in the bank.

Interviews for the RMB Winter School take place on the various campuses throughout the country in March, April and May of each year.

Who should apply?

Honours or Master graduates in: Finance, Math, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Accounting, Engineering, Investments, Risk, Information Systems or Computer Science.

Application deadlines

Applications OPEN:

Applications CLOSE:
31 March 2018

What to submit?

We are currently changing our Winter School recruitment process to make it easier for you to apply. This means our application process is closed temporarily and will open at the beginning of March 2018. If you have already applied using the old process, we will reach out to you individually via e-mail. Many thanks for your interest in the RMB Winter School Programme.

Did you know? Our Winter Interns are also given preference when we recruit for the RMB Graduate Programme and thanks to a week of being in the bank, are well equipped for interviews and the recruitment process.

The RMB Future Women in Financial Services Conference is a one-day conference hosted every year in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg aimed at third-year or postgraduate female students. The aim of the Conference is to encourage and support female graduates to explore a future in finance.

Who should apply?

Female graduates in: Finance, Math, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Accounting, Engineering, Investments, Risk, Information Systems or Computer Science, who are interested in learning more about the exciting opportunities available as a Future Woman in Financial Services.

When and where?

Cape Town – TBC
Durban – 26 March 2018
Johannesburg – TBC

Application deadlines

2018 Applications Cape Town:

2018 Applications Durban:
OPEN – 5 February 2018 | CLOSE – 28 February 2018

2018 Applications Johannesburg:
OPEN – TBC | 2018 Applications Johannesburg CLOSE – TBC

You have studied (and perhaps played) hard, you’ve put in the slog and done the time — and the question of your career and whereto from here, has now entered the equation. In an equation with a single unknown, a value of that unknown for which the equation is true, is called a solution or the root of the equation. In your case, could a career at RMB be the solution?

Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, is a leading African Corporate and Investment bank and part of the largest financial services groups in Africa – FirstRand Bank Limited. We create and deliver innovative advisory, funding, trading, corporate banking, principal investing and private banking solutions for our clients.

At RMB we equate exceptional performance with exceptional people. To deliver on our business philosophy, Traditional values. Innovative ideas., we need smart, talented and passionate people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are committed to excellence and who thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. Are you that person?

RMB is a place where these exceptional people challenge the boundaries and create their own opportunities. The RMB Graduate Programme helps talented young individuals to achieve their potential in Corporate and Investment banking through financial, technological, personal and interpersonal skills growth programmes.

“Rotational Programmes have value in that you get to rotate across various departments in the bank, putting together various pieces of the puzzle — from working in the back office to the front office, you network and build relationships. Three years later, that exposure still helps me. Age is nothing but a number — if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. RMB is not shy to give you responsibilities if you’re hungry enough for it.”

Ronak Gopaldas — Country Risk Analyst at RMB

At RMB we are not only interested in graduates who are high-performers, we also want individuals who have super learning abilities, who are committed and driven, and who live our values. That’s why we nurture and celebrate inspired thinkers. We empower staff to the point of discomfort, so that they can apply thinking that can change our world.

As an RMB employee you are responsible for your career which is why you need to take ownership of your time spent with us. You need to be just as much a part of the equation as we are.

The RMB Graduate Programme is structured in two phases:

Phase I: Induction =
  • Personal insight and self-management +
  • Team dynamics +
  • Business basics +
  • Introduction to financial markets and RMB +
  • Introduction to RMB +
  • Me and my Buddy
Phase II: Remainder =
  • My growth areas and programme outcomes +
  • Bi-monthly feedback +
  • One-on-one feedback +
  • Personal development plan +
  • Performance and career management
At RMB we work with smart people from varied backgrounds who all make up our diverse talent pool. That is what sets us apart. We believe that a combination of skills is often the best way to reach innovative solutions and arrive at new ideas to deliver on our business philosophy Traditional values. Innovative ideas.

Creating a rich diversity adds depth to our talent pool which unlocks potential and ensures success for the benefit of all. We strive to sustain a non-hierarchical management structure and an entrepreneurial environment wherein our people think and act like business owners. We trust and empower people, hold them accountable, recognise their achievements and reward them for exceptional performance.

How would you define a corporate and investment banker? Definitely a person with a head for numbers and a few financial degrees, you may think. True, but at RMB you are also likely to run into lawyers, aeronautical engineers, computer scientists and medical doctors who push the boundaries, think differently and have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make a difference in the world.

As proud RMB citizens, we should all be concerned about who we are, the business we are in, why it matters, and the contribution we can each make in a shared society.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is not an ad hoc philanthropic gesture at RMB. As a division of the FirstRand Foundation, our aligned intention is to contribute to a strengthened economy and a better country for all through sustainable education and skills development.

The RMB Fund, our CSI vehicle, focuses on:

The RMB Fund contributes at least 1% of net profit after tax towards selected projects within focused development sectors.

At RMB we believe there’s more to corporate and investment banking than a room of grey suits. RMB is quite unique for having its own Queen. RMB’s Queen, ensures that RMBers work hard and play hard and don’t take themselves too seriously. Being in charge of the RMB Palace, she has special powers at RMB, has her own choir and takes her four-legged princess, Nina (a special dog), to work every day. Her royal duties include spoiling RMBers on special days, anniversaries, birthdays and organising the annual RMB Conference — all in the name of creating a home from home for the RMB family.

The Queen also inspires RMBers to get involved in charity work and raise funds for the underprivileged, the aged and animals in distress under the auspices of the RMB Hug Fund. The programme is administered on behalf of the Queen by Anneke with a rather simple philosophy and strategy: Give Stuff and Get Stuff Done for People Who Need Help to Get Stuff Done.

As one of RMB’s longest serving employees (35 years) she is also the custodian of RMB ‘gees’, acts as an adviser, a shoulder to cry on and ensures RMBers who step out of line are reminded of the RMB way of doing things and to uphold our corporate values and culture at all times.

Equations often express relationships between given quantities, the knowns, and quantities yet to be determined, the unknowns. Now that you know more about RMB’s Graduate Programme, why don’t you submit your CV and tell us more about yourself. Your brilliant profile + good marks could = RMB’s newest Graduate.

Be a part of the RMB equation. Apply now!
Creative students + clever equations = lunch with RMB’s finest thinkers

Having gourmet lunches and rubbing shoulders with top executives does not exactly fit the bill for the average student. Or so Marco Contreiras and Richard Wilson thought, until their clever and original equations were chosen as the top two entries in RMB’s annual ‘Be a part of the Equation’ challenge. They were treated to an exclusive lunch with James Formby, Martin Oberholster and a few RMB Class Ofsand other interesting people on the 18th floor of 1MP a couple of days ago. This was followed by an all-expenses paid stay in the Maslow Hotel as well as cocktails with a group of our current Graduates.

The ‘Be a part of the equation’ challenge forms part of the RMB Graduate Programme to recruit top postgraduate talent on University campuses nationwide. Each year students are invited by RMB to submit their own mathematical equations – using symbols and mathematical calculations, to illustrate how they could potentially ‘Be a part of the Equation’ at RMB.

“RMB took this approach to help identify graduates who have a creative mind over and above their analytical and financial skills. Unlike previous recruiting campaigns where the focus was on what RMB could offer grads, the focus shifted to what RMB and grads could do together to create a winning equation,” says Tracey Ashington from RMB.

HAVING LUNCH ON THE 18TH FLOOR: Fltr: Farzam Ehsani and Lucy Corkin (RMB Class Ofs); Tracey Ashington; Winners: Marco Contreiras and Richard Wilson with RMB CEO, James Formby; Martin Oberholster (RMB Class Of Programme); Ronak Gopaldas (Head: Country Risk at RMB) and Ayalenesh Tafessee (RMB Credit: Country Risk).

We had another exciting year of the “Be part of the equation” competition, with many great entries received.

A special congratulations goes out to our three winners: Brett Horne, Bophelo Mkwanazi and Sibusiso Mdakane for creating the top equations this year.

Brett Horne:

Bophelo Mkwanazi:

Sibusiso Mdakane:

Be a part of the Equation competition — winners' lunch

The winners of the 2013 ‘Be a part of the equation competition’ had their prize lunch on the 18th floor at RMB with RMB’s CE, Alan Pullinger. RMB Business Enablement CEO, Patrick McCabe and three other inspiring RMB’ers. They were flown to Joburg and were pampered at the Maslow Hotel and wined and dined by some of the RMB graduate alumni.

At RMB we equate exceptional performance with exceptional people. We’re on the hunt for the most creative equation, one that stands out from the crowd.

Submit your equation and stand a chance to win a lunch with five of RMB’s top thought leaders at our head office in Johannesburg. We’re always keen to meet innovative individuals to add to our equation. Ts and Cs apply.

An example of a possible entry:
  • Expected epicness increases when the probability that you and RMB intersecting increases.
Judging process:
  • Judging will be done by a panel of internal experts (including one internal auditor)
  • First round of judging will select the top 20 entries into the campaign
  • Second round of judging will be done through a bankwide survey in which all RMBers will be able to vote for their top 3 equations
  • A lunch with some of RMB's top thinkers, RMB employees, flights to and from Johannesburg and accommodation included.
Ts and Cs:
  • Only South African citizens may apply
  • Must be registered at a South African university
  • Winners will be contacted via email
  • Notification will be sent to winners only
  • Winning does not guarantee you an interview
  • The final winners will be selected by an independent panel and results will be subject to audit by our internal audit team
  • The prize is not transferable
  • The prize includes transport and accommodation where applicable
How will my performance be evaluated?

Your performance will be evaluated by your coach during each rotation. You will discuss what you have learned and your coach will evaluate you based on your initiative and understanding of the concepts presented during your rotation.

Will I have an opportunity to be exposed to other business units within RMB, other than the area I am assigned to?

Yes. Once you have completed your current rotation, you will have the opportunity to explore other business units within RMB.

What does a rotation typically consist of?

Once again, it depends on the programme you are in. Typically, you will shadow a person for one or two weeks to get a better understanding of your tasks. After your shadowing period, you will be given some responsibilities to perform and you will be checked on periodically to ensure you are on the right track. Rotations also include special projects which your coach or manager will assign to you. These projects are designed to give you a deeper understanding of the bank.

How many other grads can I expect to work with?

It depends on the programme you are accepted into. Some of the programmes put the grads in one area together, so they can share their knowledge. Other programmes put the grads on separate rotations to mitigate the strain on coaches during any given rotation. Typically, you can expect to work with one or two other graduates in your programme.

How much room do I have to perform projects of my own interest within the bank?

The bank encourages you to take the initiative, so if you identify a project you would like to start, it is usually not a problem — as long as your other day-to-day responsibilities are not affected.

Is it possible to go on training in an area outside of the field of the Grad Programme I am accepted into?

As long as you are fulfilling your obligations to your programme field, you are encouraged to broaden your knowledge.

What sort of external training can I expect?

There is a plethora of courses available to you, which you are strongly encouraged to sign up for. Typical training includes Business Presentation Skills, ACI and CFA.

Does RMB assist graduates financially to further their studies?

Yes, as long as the studies relate to the division in which you are or will be employed.

Is the Grad Programme just a 12-month contract subject to renewal or is it a permanent job?

It is a permanent job which entitles you to all of the benefits that a normal RMB employee enjoys.

How difficult is the transition between campus and work?

At RMB exceptional people are guided through a two-week on-boarding process, encouraged through a year-long structured self-development programme and various technical skill training sessions, supported by a network of previous grads. All these initiatives are designed to equip you with all there is to know about corporate and investment banking and to make a successful transition between campus and work.

What is a typical day like at RMB?

At RMB we nurture and celebrate inspired thinkers and entrepreneurs who challenge the boundaries, engage in vigorous debate, create their own opportunities and apply thinking that can change our world. We do not subscribe to business-as-usual-practices — rather big thinking that requires our employees to stretch themselves, to push the boundaries, to think differently, have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make a difference in the world.

What are the working hours?

This varies, depending on the division you are in. Most areas do not have specific working hours. It depends more on completing your required work. However, the more extra time you put in, the more you get out of the programme.

Be a part of the RMB equation. Apply now!

The 2018 RMB Graduate Programme applications open from 1st May 2017 to August 2017.