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Doing business in Africa

Doing business in Africa

RMB Global Markets Africa is responsible for the Global Markets-related businesses of the FirstRand Banking Group across Africa. We currently have two RMB offices outside of South Africa, in Namibia and Nigeria, but a physical presence in six other African countries (Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia) via First National Bank (FNB), our commercial banking franchise.

The rest of sub-Saharan Africa is covered by a dedicated relationship team based in Sandton, Johannesburg. The in-country treasuries focus on fixed income, currency and commodities and, while branded FNB, they leverage off the RMB brand and expertise. RMB Global Markets Africa has a thorough knowledge of Africa and will be able to transact on a whole range of products to meet any requests, local or global.

We provide you with a dedicated, on-the-ground treasury client service, which aims to understand your business in its totality before providing solutions. This is coupled with support from the RMB Global Markets Africa head office in Johannesburg. We also have a team of well-respected economists who compile insightful analysis on the sub-Saharan Africa economies and markets.

We also offer a broad range of banking solutions in countries in which we don't have a physical presence through our network of correspondent banks, as well as offering corporate advisory solutions via our African investment banking specialists in Johannesburg.

This team has an in-depth knowledge of each market, assisting you with an understanding of business customs, regulations and country-specific risks. In this way we're able to ensure that you receive competitive solution pricing, as well as superior service in meeting your banking requirements.

RMB Global Markets Africa can guide those of our clients based in the UK, India, China and the Middle East on how best to do business in Africa using Global Markets expertise in conjunction with other RMB specialist areas such as Project Finance, Resource Finance, Infrastructure Finance and Corporate Finance.

Contact The Global Markets Africa team on +27 11 282-8664/4412