Think RMB.
Invest your excess cash in US dollars

Dollar Custodial Certificate

Dollar Custodial Certificates NAV: R1,319.05*

RMB offers you South Africa’s first US Treasury bond custodial certificates. This investment, listed on the JSE in the ETF sector, is suitable for businesses and private individuals. Think of it as your online safety deposit box for US Treasury bonds. You can invest your excess cash in US dollars, earn an income stream in US dollars and benefit from a weakening rand all via the JSE**.

Your investment capital credit exposure is directly to the US Treasury Department — therefore, you avoid the credit risk associated with a normal foreign currency bank account. Businesses and individuals may invest without SARB exchange control restrictions, enabling excess cash to be invested in a highly liquid USD asset. The DCCs are liquid and freely traded, making them an ideal working capital solution. Your investment performance is directly related to the USD/ZAR exchange rate and the price performance of US Treasury bonds.

* Rate is closing price from the day before and is updated at 11am each day
** Quoted and settled in ZAR at all times

Dollar Custodial Certificate

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