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Our focus areas

Our focus areas

We believe that the key to a successful business relationship is understanding your organisation and its needs — then we apply our strong product ability to building a solution that truly meets your requirements.

Our comprehensive suite of corporate financial solutions range from transactional banking and cash management to cross-border trade, multi-asset investments, working capital finance and risk management solutions.

Our innovative thinking and robust systems enable us to partner with our institutional, corporate, wealth, retail and public sector clients to create long-term, reliable and sustainable execution, asset servicing, prime broking and clearing solutions. We also have a proven track record in providing alternative and enhanced fund solutions in various asset classes in South Africa, Africa, the UK, China and India.


We currently have two branches outside of South Africa, one in the United Kingdom and the other in India, two RMB offices outside of South Africa, in Namibia and Nigeria, but a physical presence in six other African countries (Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia) via First National Bank (FNB), our commercial banking franchise as well as representative offices in Angola, China, Dubai, Ghana and Kenya. The rest of sub-Saharan Africa is covered by a dedicated relationship team based in Johannesburg. The in-country treasuries focus on fixed income, currency, and commodities and, while branded FNB, they leverage off the RMB brand and expertise. Our London branch offers access to the international investor base.

RMB offices
1. Botswana
2. India*
3. Lesotho
4. Mozambique
5. Namibia
6. Nigeria
7. Swaziland
8. Tanzania
9. United Kingdom*
10. Zambia
RMB representative offices
11. Luanda, Angola
12. Shanghai, China
13. Nairobi, Kenya
14. Dubai, UAE