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Men and woman for gender equality

Gender diversity is a key part of our overall transformation strategy and we acknowledge the critical role that both men and women play in the success of our business. As women make up more than half of our workforce, it is essential that we attract, develop, advance and retain female talent at all levels. Enters Athena.

Athena is our gender equality initiative to create an environment where women feel empowered to achieve their individual career goals, and to grow the number of women in financial services in South Africa. Athena is however not a women’s conversation – instead it is a business imperative with the clear agenda to focus on both men and women for gender equality.

A growing movement

With much work and energy created during the first nine months, Athena has been growing strongly. Through word of mouth, networking events, internal communications, the Athena committee has grown to include a far larger community of people eager to take the initiative forward.

Over the last 12 months we have focused on the following project streams:

Athena in the news

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Gender Mainstreaming Awards

RMB Athena won three awards at the 2017 Gender Mainstreaming Awards and was voted the Gender Mainstreaming Champion of 2017. RMB came first in the categories: ‘Women empowerment in the workplace’ and ‘Women on boards’ and second in: ‘Investing in young women’ and ‘Women on boards’.

RMB Athena also won the ‘Women Empowerment in the Workplace’ award at the 2016 Gender Mainstreaming Awards. Business Engage developed the Gender Mainstreaming Awards to encourage private sector buy-in to achieving more meaningful representation of women in the mainstream of business.

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