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We believe Africa is the new frontier and investment destination.

RMB believes in the African growth story. Over the past decade African economic output has more than tripled; Africa’s share of global fdi flows has been improving year on year; and the continent has seen a rapid rate of urbanisation and a growing consumer class. The ongoing need for sustainable infrastructure and technology, coupled with the need for reliable financial services leads us to believe that Africa today holds the greatest overall investment potential for all frontier markets globally.

Raising capital can, however, be a daunting task in Africa, which is why potential investors need a reliable, on-the-ground financial services partner who understands the unique challenges and regulatory frameworks of doing business in Africa. RMB is that partner and gateway for investors in Africa.

Our African Footprint

RMB is a signatory to Nepad and plays an active role in the ongoing economic transformation of Africa.

RMB is a proud and leading African corporate and investment bank. As the investment banking arm of the FirstRand Group, we have representative offices and subsidiaries in the UK, India, China and the Middle East and access to a network of retail banks in 25 African countries.

Through FirstRand, our parent company, RMB is a signatory to Nepad (New Partnership for African Development) and we play an active role in the ongoing economic transformation of the continent. From a development perspective, we constitute a critical pool of capital and expertise. Our activities help to build the social, financial and infrastructural foundations of both South Africa and the African continent.

Our deal footprint in Africa encompasses the following countries:

RMB Offices   RMB Representative Offices   Countries with FirstRand Subsidiaries
1. South Africa   4. Angola   6. Botswana
2. Namibia   5. Kenya   7. Lesotho
3. Nigeria         8. Mauritius
            9. Mozambique
            10. Swaziland
            11. Tanzania
            12. Uganda
            13. Zambia
RMB Offices   Countries with FirstRand Subsidiaries
1. South Africa   6. Botswana
2. Namibia   7. Lesotho
3. Nigeria   8. Mauritius
    9. Mozambique
RMB Representative Offices   10. Swaziland
4. Angola   11. Tanzania
5. Kenya   12. Uganda
    13. Zambia

RMB unlocks value in Africa

Making the most of Africa as an investment destination requires specialist skills, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. RMB understands the unique challenges of doing business in Africa and has the necessary skills, experience and good relationships to mitigate regulatory risks and challenges on the continent.

Our knowledge of local financing requirements, legal and jurisdictional frameworks, together with the expertise and balance sheet of FirstRand Bank, enable us to service the needs of the rapidly expanding African economy.

Deals in Africa


RMB co-arranges US$250-million sovereign loan for United Republic of Tanzania.

Rand Merchant Bank is proud to have acted as co-mandated lead arranger and co-bookrunner for the recent US$250-million syndicated loan to the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Contact Ato Gyasi on +27 11 282-1827 or email or
Ian Lessem on +27 11 282-1440 or email
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RMB commits resources, for resources in Africa.

Rand Merchant Bank is committed to the sustainable future of the African continent and its people, with financial solutions available for resource deals that develop Africa’s mining and energy potential.

Contact Henk Deist on +27 11 282-4345, email or
Gary Buisansky on +27 11 282-8417, email for your project funding needs in Africa
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Winner of the ACQ Global Awards 2011, Africa: Investment Bank of the Year and M&A Advisory of the Year.

Rand Merchant Bank has established itself as an award-winning investment banking solutions provider to its clients in over 35 countries in Africa, across a wide range of industries.

Contact Michael Larbie on +27 11 282-1233 or email for more information on what RMB can do for your business
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Africa — the new frontier

We believe Africa offers many sustainable investment opportunities.

Africa is not just one country. It is a vast continent with 54 sovereign states with multiple and often fragmented economies and territories, rules, regulations, stakeholders and markets. Yet, many countries in Africa are facing the same challenges: lack of infrastructure, a need for basic services such as water and telecommunications, financial services, trade finance and distribution networks. We view these challenges as sustainable investment opportunities.

Other compelling reasons to invest in Africa right now are:

  • Africa is home to some of the world’s rarest resources
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa has risen six-fold in the past decade
  • In the period since 2002, the overall size of the African economy has more than trebled
  • Twenty-seven African countries have already attained middle income status
  • Africa offers significant opportunities across resources, agriculture, consumer and infrastructure multiple sectors — with US$2.6-trillion of revenue expected by 2020
  • Agriculture is the most important sector of the African economy and accounts for 65% of the continent’s employment and 75% of its domestic trade
  • After Asia, Africa has the second-largest population in the world right now
  • Inter-Africa trade has grown at a CAGR of 19% over the last 10 years
  • Large parts of sub-Saharan Africa have become more peaceful

At RMB we believe Africa rewards those who invest with a long-term agenda, those who take time to build relationships and those who understand the intricacies of doing business across multiple geographies. Potential investors need a reliable, on-the-ground financial services partner who understands the unique challenges and regulatory frameworks of doing business in Africa. RMB is that partner.

Accolades for Africa

RMB has received several industry accolades for its innovative solutions to complex transactions across a wide range of industries over the past couple of years, making it one of the leading corporate and investment banks in Africa.


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