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Global Foreign Exchange

Global Foreign Exchange

Currency risk is a threat to earnings, cash flow and the value of your company that arises from volatility in exchange rates.

Whether you import or export, we know that you have a preferred method in meeting these foreign exchange commitments and that you need an Authorised Dealer to make the process easy and reliable, who can provide expertise and useful information when necessary.

RMB offers a variety of convenient foreign exchange services ranging from typical products to more bespoke solutions, as well as regular market, regulatory and product information to assist you with your dealing decisions.

Forex Dealing and Cross-Border Payments

As an RMB foreign exchange client, you have access to a team of customer dealers (via telephone, email and online via Accelerate) who are dedicated to understanding your business needs, who take a portfolio approach to your transactions, and who will guide you towards optimal solutions.

Our international operations team provides superb support. We can facilitate your outward foreign payments due to our extensive correspondent banking network and offer a streamlined incoming payments process that ensures that funds are credited to your CFC account within hours of the BoP form being signed.

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