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Global Foreign Exchange

Global Foreign Exchange

RMB Global Markets currency team has longstanding experience and knowledge of the international, local and African markets.

Our professional dealing teams are acknowledged market makers in the South African foreign exchange sector. We provide a comprehensive service to corporate, retail and institutional clients, and local and non-resident banks, and are supported by professional risk management and administration services.

Whether you need advice before you trade, while you’re weighing up your options, or when you’re about to settle, RMB Global Markets can simplify the process for you.

We know that you encounter unpredictable exposures, unexpected costs, evolving exchange control regulations, international political, legal or system risk and numerous trade barriers in your day-to-day business operations. As a market leader in foreign exchange, it is our goal to understand your import or export business cycle and to make dealing in foreign exchange seamless.

RMB Global Markets is also able to assist in the provision of forward cover to clients to manage the potentially adverse effects of currency movements on their earnings streams. Rolling these transactions over and managing them dynamically provides an additional element of flexibility.

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  The Shariah general foreign exchange terms and conditions document

Forex dealing

As an RMB foreign exchange client, you have access to an experienced team of customer dealers (via telephone, email and our online platform, Accelerate), who understand your business, will take a portfolio approach to your transactions and will guide you towards optimal solutions.

Cross-border payments

Our international operations team can facilitate your outward foreign exchange payments via our extensive correspondent banking network. We also offer a streamlined incoming payments process that ensures funds are credited to your CFC account within hours of the BoP form being signed.

To assist in mitigating your payment risk, we offer a cross-border trade advisory service as well as an online trading platform. Our trade specialists have a wealth of experience and are highly regarded in the industry for their depth of knowledge and proactive approach.


Accelerate is RMB Global Markets’ online foreign exchange dealing system that provides you with dealing room facilities from the comfort of your office.

Accelerate is our dealing platform for high volume, high value foreign exchange. You can deal simply and efficiently online with dealers on hand if needed.

Contact The Accelerate team on or 0861 FXDEAL (393 325)
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eForex online

For a simple dealing and cross-border payment solution, our internet-based eForex system facilitates foreign currency denominated outward payments to predetermined beneficiaries for recurring payments as well as warehousing and authorisation of future value dated payments prior to payment date. Not only can you create and maintain your beneficiaries for outward payments online, but eForex can also provide inward cross-border payment settlement/deal and balance of payments information.

African currencies and G20

To complement our in-country treasuries in eight African countries outside of South Africa, RMB offers African and G20 currency dealing from our Johannesburg dealing room.

Chinese companies can now conduct cross-border renminbi (CNY) transactions with international counterparties, which creates opportunities in corporate hedging and cash management for businesses across Africa. Chinese suppliers are gradually starting to invoice in local currency to mitigate losses that arise from repatriating at a lower US dollar rate. Large importers from China can also now use their leverage to negotiate better pricing based on renminbi invoicing.

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Currency derivatives

RMB Global Markets has a number of products available to manage risk or enhance returns and which cover the full spectrum of the yield curve. Our portfolio approach enables us to create structures of any complexity. FRAs can be traded with Global Markets and straight through processing is achieved using MarkitWire.

Active Currency Management

Until recently, it was difficult for South Africans to enter into foreign currency hedging contracts without proof of foreign exchange commitments. Documentary evidence had to be presented to a bank when (or within 14 days of) establishing a currency contract. Under previous exchange control rules, currency contracts could not be changed or cancelled unless the underlying foreign currency obligation changed or fell away.

RMB first approached the Reserve Bank in 2005 with a request to permit a more effective method of currency management – actively managed currency hedging on an over-the-counter basis.

The Reserve Bank has granted permission for banks to provide you with actively managed currency hedging facilities, in line with international best practice. With immediate effect, you may now restructure existing economically inefficient hedges and may hedge new types of currency risks including balance sheet hedging/translation risk; pre-hedging of possible future commitments; and foreign investment risk.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss various solutions with you. Please don't hesitate to contact Customer Dealing Gauteng on +27 11 269 9190/9230 or the Global Markets Structuring Desk on +27 11 269 9150 if you have any questions.

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