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Fixed Income

Fixed Income

At RMB Global Markets our product range goes way beyond the ordinary vanilla banking in Africa…


RMB Global Markets is a dominant player in the South African fixed income market and is one of ten primary dealers in government bonds. RMB is consistently in the top three banks in auction participation and secondary trading market share. We participate in government auctions on behalf of our clients, local and international non-primary dealers and for our own account.


RMB Global Markets has a number of products available to manage risk or enhance returns and which cover the full spectrum of the yield curve. Our portfolio approach enables us to create structures of any complexity. FRAs can be traded with Global Markets and straight through processing is achieved using MarkitWire.


RMB Global Markets pioneered the development of the local inflation market by advising and arranging the first inflation-linked debt placement in the South African market in 1994. We are the premier inflation-linked debt house in South Africa and dominate primary and secondary market trading in inflation-linked bonds and swaps. We also lead the repo market where we are involved in almost all reported trades.

RMB Global Markets has been first to market on all new products to the local market and launched inflation futures in 2006, which allow investors to go long or short the official inflation-linked bond index (IGOVI).

On the equity side, the RMB Inflation-X ETF won the Morningstar Award for Best Diversified Bond Fund in 2013.


We offer a full range of OTC options and option structures including Calls, Puts, Bear and Bull spreads, Straddles, Strangles and Butterflies.


Repos are used to secure short-term financing of government bonds bought by financial institutions or their clients, in the open market. The RMB Global Markets repo desk is currently doing in excess of 20% of all repos booked on JSE.

Money Market

As the only bank in the domestic market with a consolidated Money Market desk, RMB Global Markets offers professional investors a comprehensive suite of products and services, which complement other RMB Global Markets solutions.

Our products range from funding to trading and include fixed deposits, call, NCDs, coupon NCDs, floating rate notes, prime linkers, commercial paper, conduits, treasury bills, SARB debentures and secondary trading on all money market assets.

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Structured Credit

RMB Global Markets Structured Credit uses various forms of derivative technology to tailor your transaction’s credit-risk profile specifically to your appetite. No matter what yield enhancement you’re looking for or your risk profile, we can source a variety of credit exposures and deliver them in diverse formats – structured notes, derivatives etc. – to suit your needs.

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