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Transactional Banking

Transactional Banking

At RMB Corporate Banking, we put our clients at the centre of our innovation by generating sophisticated real-time solutions to enhance your transactional activities and deliver real value to your business.

Our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, network of industry experts and product specialists have the single aim of providing client-centric solutions delivered through easily implemented solutions.

The Transactional Banking offering includes an advanced set of solutions to optimise the working capital cycle of collections and payments, in addition to liquidity management that release balances locked in working capital, enabling you to optimise interest revenues and reduce interest costs.

Liquidity solutions

Our liquidity solutions ensure visibility of cash flows enabling efficient working capital management processes and effective cash forecasting. In addition to your operational account, we also offer various money market deposit products suited to your specific needs.

Payments solutions

Through next generation platforms we bridge the gap between your business objectives and increasingly complex technology options. Our leading online banking platform and our flexible host solution allows for integration with your line of business systems for automated process management and ensure efficient, effective and controlled transaction initiation and processing.

Receipting solutions

We offer a holistic range of receipting solutions through innovative channels providing advanced real-time reconciliation and reporting. Our solutions enable operational efficiencies within your environment to meet your needs.

Our entrepreneurial flair, excellent track record and attention to detail are just some of the elements which enable us to deliver on this promise.

International payments

Rand Account Services maintains the rand-designated currency accounts of foreign financial institutions. Our specific products include providing Nostro accounts, CLS Nostro accounts and Cash Account services, including electronic transfers, cheques, drafts, collection services and cash management solutions to banks and brokers worldwide. We want to be the provider of choice in South Africa for foreign financial institutions' trading, custody and commercial payments accounts and to offer product functionality and quality service that rivals best practice worldwide. With a significantly experienced team, ongoing investment in technology and focus on innovation, Rand Account Services is able to provide high quality, value-added banking services tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients.


FintegrateTM, RMB’s state-of-the-art business-to-bank solution, provides our corporate clients with enhanced visibility and control by centralising and streamlining transactional flows. Fintegrate’sTM flexibility ensures integration into your line-of-business system, regardless of which ERP system you use. Traditionally, B2B systems are best suited to organisations that process high volume transactions, but Fintegrate’s easy implementation makes straight-through processing accessible to a much wider client base. Speak to us to find out how FintegrateTM can help your business streamline your financial processing.


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