RMB Prime Services

RMB Prime Services division was incorporated under the Global Markets umbrella in 2012 to provide you with a broader service offering. We provide a "one-stop shop" for execution, financing, asset servicing, custody and clearing facilities to our largely institutional client base. We facilitate product and trading needs in the equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities markets while minimising risk and providing financing solutions.

The division houses the Prime Broking, Securities Lending, Futures Clearing and Stockbroking Operations businesses and strategically aligns opportunities with RMB’s Custody and Trustee Services division (previously FNB Custody) offering the following products:

  • Securities Lending (equities and bonds)
  • Futures Clearing (equities, currencies, commodities, fixed income and IDX futures)
  • Equities & Fixed Income Prime Broking
  • Solutions in Africa
  • Custody

Services provided:

  • Trading / execution to the market
  • Portfolio management
  • Risk evaluation
  • Settlement
  • Margining

As a division of FirstRand Bank, a leading African investment bank, and through aligning ourselves with strategic international partners, we are able to use our global network to respond to your local and offshore needs. In addition, our innovative thinking and robust world-class systems enable us to build partnerships and create long-term, reliable and sustainable solutions that meet your business requirements.